Environ Construction is a one-stop provider of facade inspection, building facade repairs, and maintenance services in Singapore. Utilizing the latest in drone technology, Environ Construction provides cost-effective, periodic facade inspections for all types of facades. By conducting highly detailed inspections quickly and efficiently, Environ Construction enables customers to make well-informed decisions when undertaking repairs or performing routine maintenance.

The company’s team of experienced professionals utilizes aerial imagery captured by drones to determine the condition of the facade materials as well as any underlying structural issues that may be present. Environ will highlight areas that are prone to weathering deterioration so clients can proactively plan any necessary preventative measures. The data gathered through these inspections can also be used to provide detailed reports on potential risks associated with the facade conditions.

3 Aspects of Facade Inspection

From 1 January 2022, the Building Construction Authority has issued an Advisory Notice that buildings exceeding 13 metres in height and aged above 20 years must engage Competent Persons (CP) and be assisted by Facade Inspectors to carry out Periodic Building Facade Inspections once every seven years.

The Rationale for Facade Inspection is due to the following:

A. Aging building stocks in Singapore;
B. Increasing number of fallen facade incidents; and
C. Increasing complexity of facade system

The objective of Periodic Façade Inspection is to mitigate the risk of fallen facades affecting public safety. This entails the engagement of professionals to inspect the building facade and carry out repair works to ensure the integrity of the facades.

Most of the service providers provide a Drone Service with a Facade Inspection Report and a brief Methodology of Repairs (MOR).

As they are not in the construction & maintenance industry, the MOR does not provide a detailed Methodology for Repairs (MOR). Hence, it does not take into consideration the inconvenience to the client/ end-user.

The service providers may not be able to provide the estimates of repairs as they do not have the expertise and the network of specialized trades like M&E, window/cladding/curtain walls, and waterproofing.

With the combined expertise of various partners, we are able to provide a ONE-STOP SOLUTION encompassing Maintenance Services along with Façade Inspection and report using a drone with AI and proposed rectification methodology.

Our company is spearheaded by this team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in Conventional, Design and build, and Upgrading project management for both the private and public sectors. Our varied expertise consists of commercial factories, private condominiums, public housing, military camps, schools, and public community buildings. Contract value led by the team varied from $10 million to $125 million per contract.

Environ has completed projects for FAR EAST ORGANIZATION of about $170 million. These projects involve deep basement works in difficult soil conditions in close proximity to neighboring buildings and public infrastructure like MRT, Viaduct, and overhead bridge.

Environ is well poised to carry out maintenance and facade inspection with unmanned Aircraft. This is in line with the Government’s Industry Transformation Map to utilize IT in the maintenance and façade inspection. This will enhance productivity gains and safety.

The following are 2 recent Maintenance projects completed by Environ:

a. Term Contract of Maintenance works, A&A works, General Repairs & Redecoration Works to Sites (North 1) for a period of (48 months) – from 01 September 2018 till 31 August 2022.
– Contract Value is S$22.2 Million

b. Term Contract of Maintenance works, A&A works, General Repairs and redecoration Works to Sites (North East) for a period of (48 months) – from 01 September 2018 to 31 August 2022.
– Contract Value is S$24.8 Million

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